healthy vein

Normal Vein System (above)

varicose vein

Abnormal valve system creating venous insufficiency (above)

Why Varicose Veins Form

It might surprise you to know that 1,400 gallons of blood pump through the circulatory system daily. And it returns to the heart through the veins, or venous system. But like everything else, blood has to work against gravity. And this is challenging especially in the lower extremities like the legs.

Blood must flow uphill to the heart using a system of one-directional valves spaced up the leg and opening in the direction of the heart.

With every heartbeat, the valves close during heart rest to prevent backflow.

Problems occur when:

A valve ceases to function properly or…

When the vein wall loses elasticity, causing an increased blood supply to be added to the valve below it.

Enlarged veins, weak valves, and slowed circulation and results in unsightly bulging. Damaged veins do not disappear without treatment. And since larger varicose veins can cause smaller ones, it's important to get treatment as soon as possible.